Background & goal

BluCar (now Commutifi) originally was a platform for consumers to use in order to have their cars parked while in a city. The main audience for BluCar (now Commutifi) was busy people that were either sitting in traffic on the way to work or a meeting and were running late, therefore had very little time to worry about parking. Over the course of the project, we found out that users would benefit more from a commuting platform that allowed them to choose the way that they were commuting to and from their destination (work, meetings, etc.). We also started offering "Drop Spots", where users could elect to drop their car off for a discounted park at a popular valet stand in the city.

Please note that the work I did on BluCar was done under the creative direction of Brady Becker. We worked closely together to design the final apps, dashboards and marketing website.

The challenges

There were several challenges throughout the process working on the platform. Some of which included:


When Brady and I first sat down to look at the problem BluCar would be solving, we wanted to approach the solution and experience in a way that consumers would immediately relate to – think Lyft and Uber.

Once we figured the user experience out, we started to take a serious look at the brand we needed to create. Brady started experimenting with the name BluCar and we both approached creating a mark for that name. We finally settled on the logotype as the mark (as seen in the screenshots below).

As the app went into production we started iterating on features such as inviting friends with a promo code that is associated with a user account, drop spots for discounted parking and enterprise accounts. These features required building on top of the MVP we had fleshed out in the first phase of design and allowed us to expand and refine the UI Kit that we had originally created for the app.


Home (signed out)

Invite friends for free parking

Home (signed in) – Set drop-off location

Drop-off confirmed modal